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Las Vegas Weddings – Everything You Need to Know

From a Las Vegas chapel wedding to an outdoor ceremony, Las Vegas Strip Weddings will help create a lifetime of memories.

Everything that you need for your wedding, including the most popular las vegas wedding ceremony spots, are available. We offer beautifully customized packages that will make an everlasting mark on you and your guests forever.

We want to make your planning simple by using our services. Our packages are tailored to your specifications. We are a full-service wedding company and also offer gown and tux rental, and hair and makeup. With our top-quality Las Vegas wedding photography services, full photo shoots are available upon request.

If you are considering wedding chapels in Las Vegas, there are several affordable packages. We also can assist you with coordination. We also offer complete Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Packages. Elegance, passion, love and remembrance makes a wedding ceremony an experience to cherish for your entire life.

We have scenic packages for your wedding that include The Valley of Fire, Red Rock or Lake Mead, and the World Famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Whether it be the excitement of the neon lights or the mystical desert, be assured that every detail is addressed. Embrace the simplicity of having your Las Vegas Strip Wedding met to perfection.

After you have chosen a wedding ceremony venue in Las Vegas, you’ll want to capture the moments that you can cherish forever. That’s where our photography/videography services personalize your wedding story and create beautiful memories. Receiving such high-quality services for your wedding has never been this easy!

So why worry about your big day? Hurry and plan up! Happy married life!

The Las Vegas Welcome Sign: A Few Nifty Facts

‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada’ is an iconic sign that’s nearly as famous as Sin City itself and is a very popular destination for Las Vegas weddings! It’s something every couple driving into the city for a Las Vegas wedding sees, and if considering saying “I do” Vegas-style, check out a few excellent facts about the sign. Its history is pretty darn nifty:

Fact #1: The Sign Was Designed By A Woman

Commercial artist and Nevada native Betty Willis was the woman behind the famous sign. Her creation was gifted to the city in 1959. Willis was brought up outside of Sin City and attended school in Los Angeles before working for Western Neon in 1952. Other signs created by Willis include the Moulin Rouge Hotel, the Buxom Motel Blue Angel, and the Stardust Casino. The gifted designer died in April of 2015 at the age of 91.

“We thought the town was fabulous, so we added the word,” she once remarked.

Fact #2: The Sign Isn’t Actually Located In Vegas

Ironically, the so-fabulous welcome sign isn’t within the city’s limits. The official address is 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South, which is located in the neighboring town of Paradise. A small parking lot is found next to the sign for visitors to get out and snap photos.

Fact #3: The Shape Is Unique

The sign’s diamond shape and style is unique in regards to signs created before and after it. The diamond shape pays homage to Nevada’s nickname as “The Silver State,” while the word “Welcome” is backed by seven “silver dollars” (one for each letter).

Another interesting design fact about the sign is that it was created in the Googie architecture style. “Googie” was a popular design trend in the ‘40s and ‘50s that blended futurism with the atomic age.

These are merely some of the fascinating facts surrounding the classic sign!

Learn about Las Vegas wedding venues and packages by contacting Las Vegas Strip Weddings today.

Coolest Outdoor Wedding Venues In Las Vegas

The words “Las Vegas wedding” generally brings to mind images of Elvis impersonator officiants and little white chapels. Yet there’s much more to Vegas nuptials than quickie ceremonies where both the bride and groom are heavily intoxicated! Sin City offers a number of fabulous locations for saying “I do,” including stunning outdoor options. Let’s review a few to inspire ideas for your upcoming Big Day:

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is approximately 30 minutes from the famous Vegas strip and is one of the largest man-made lakes in the country. It’s surrounded by glorious mountain vistas and features plenty of golden photo opportunities. If bluest-blue water, rock formations, colorful soils, and mountain ranges are the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony, consider the gorgeous Lake Mead.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a mere 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip and allows you to enter a beautiful, mystical desert world complete with red rock vistas sure to make your wedding photographer dance and sing. Spectacular rock formations are a fantastic backdrop for any wedding ceremony.

Valley Of Fire

The magical Valley of Fire is found one hour north of the Vegas strip. It’s unsurprisingly a very popular Las Vegas wedding venue due to its dazzling red rocks made of Aztec sandstone. The sandstone formed when hulking sand dunes shifted as dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Valley of Fire is also Nevada’s oldest state park, and a gorgeous location for your wedding.

Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson Ghost Town/Eldorado Canyon is yet another fabulous Las Vegas wedding venue. It was used as a location for the Elvis-inspired film 3000 Miles to Graceland and features remnants from the shoot, including the remains of a plane crash. If visiting ghost towns is a favorite pastime or you’re simply looking for an untraditional wedding, this location is ideal.

Country Club Golf

Country Club Golf Club is an elegant and private venue laden with flowing Willow trees, lovely arches, and lush greenery. It’s the perfect option if wanting to marry in Vegas but desiring an intimate setting with breathtaking views.

Whether yours is a Valley of Fire wedding or another spectacular option, work with the amazing team at Las Vegas Strip Weddings and bring your Big Day dreams to brilliant life.

Magical & Stress-free Valley of Fire Weddings

For a truly mystical setting for your wedding – one that reflects the passion and love the two of you share – then it must be Valley of Fire just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. It will take your breath away!

Photo of bride and groom having a Valley of Fire wedding set against red sandstone cliffs.

A Valley of Fire wedding set against red sandstone cliffs.

And here’s why:

Spectacular Locations

It’s taken over 150 million years of wind, heat, erosion, and geologic shifts to create this fiery and rugged sandstone landscape so aptly named Valley of Fire.

Shifting sand dunes, limestone and shale rock formations, and sweeping vistas of painted sunsets are a few of the beautiful locations for you to choose from. Each site looks “worlds away” from the ordinary but mere steps from your limousine.

Photo of groom and bride having a Valley of Fire wedding with sweeping vistas as the backdrop.

Another Valley of Fire wedding with sweeping vistas as the backdrop.

Valley of Fire Belongs to You

Our preferred Valley of Fire wedding sites are some distance from popular hiking trails, campgrounds, and other day-use sites. You’ll enjoy the feeling of having Valley of Fire all to yourself!

Photo of a Valley of Fire wedding with the groom and bride posing at the entrance of a red sandstone canyon.

A Valley of Fire wedding location as dramatic and fiery as the love you share.

Exquisite Wedding Photos

Your family and friends will “ooh and ahh” over how gorgeous you two look set against the spectacular red rocks and blue skies of Valley of Fire. Our experienced professional photographers will beautifully capture the exquisite moments of your special day.

At Valley of Fire, our photographers will take photos before, during and after your wedding ceremony so you will have memories for a lifetime.

Your photographers will personally review all the digital images before providing you with the very best photos that come with your Valley of Fire wedding package. That means you can be assured of receiving only the most gorgeous photos – not blurry, off-kilter or poorly composed photos – but those most fitting for you!

With every Valley of Fire wedding package, you will also own ALL photo rights at no extra cost! This means you can print, enlarge, share, and use them any way you want.

Celebrate Stress-free

Our wedding coordinator will work with you to personalize or customize your Valley of Fire wedding package so your wedding reflects your style, taste, and preference.

We’ll make sure that all the plans and details are in place for your special day. Our wedding coordinator will also be present at your wedding so you and your guests can enjoy every moment of your special day stress-free.

No Surprises: It’s Our Promise to You

We want your wedding to be absolutely fabulous and filled with happy memories!

That’s why we take the time to listen to what you want for your wedding, review the details and expenses with you, and inform you of any fees not included in our Valley of Fire wedding packages or services – all prior to your arrival to Las Vegas.

For example, gratuity (tips) for the minister or officiant is included in the prices of all our wedding packages (something many Las Vegas wedding companies do not do).

For photographers and videographers, we let you tip them directly after your wedding for the level of service they give you.

Your Questions Happily Answered

If you have any questions – no matter what it is – about a Valley of Fire wedding package or getting married in Las Vegas, please ask! 

We want you to have that wedding you’ve dreamed about. Let us put our expertise and knowledge to work for you.

Please call 1-888-443-3135 or email us today so when we can help you experience a magical Valley of Fire wedding.

We’re here to serve you!

Dress Code for Vegas

There’s nothing short of spectacular when it comes to Vegas-style weddings, and the world’s most dazzling strip is illuminated by gorgeous brides and dashing grooms tying the eternal knot on the town, or exchanging vows at the close of sunset before blazing desert skies. It’s one of the quintessential dream weddings that revitalize old traditions with an unconventional flair and resurrects body-suit donned rock Kings. It’s also one of the most memorable and sacred moments that a devoted couple can cherish. Whether outrageously bright or beautifully solemn, choosing the right venue is key, and so is finding the right style of clothing and accessories. After all, it’s important to celebrate one of the most special occasions of your life in style!

Reflect on Style and Essence
With so many different themes to choose from, couples need to think about what kind of atmosphere they want to capture while getting wed. Some wish to celebrate their union close to nature, so choosing a simple wedding dress and suit, and adopting more natural or rustic hair styles provide that slight wild appeal. These are hugely popular, especially given that the settings – which are usually seaside, desert or forest-clearing – are not particularly expensive to host or difficult to prepare while having a breathtaking view. On the other hand, partygoers might choose something a little more risqué for their wedding extravaganza – and this is where those diamond-studded white pants come in use.

Fancy Dress
Thanks to a rapidly growing online network, buying wedding costumes is becoming increasingly easier by the day. Established companies offer excellent online catalogues and niche businesses have a venue to showcase their goods. As well, buying, selling and renting is made more accessible by individuals posting their own goods on the net. This can always be a slightly risky endeavor – it’s important to know exactly what you are buying, if it is worth the price, and how long it will become available before the special day, and logistics such as fitting the right size and proper maintenance are important to take into consideration too. Renting is particularly convenient because it reduces the cost; buying is ideal for keeping something like a wedding dress as a family heirloom.

Getting Technical
As far as the ceremony itself goes, choosing the right ring is essential and should always be researched well beforehand. Durability, aesthetic appeal, and budget are all things to take into consideration, as well as the symbolism of the band itself – is it representative of your personality and relationship? A good jeweler can always help you pick different styles, and explain the more technical aspects such as the the four C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut of the gemstone. Researching online and checking reviews is always ideal before buying, so that you can be savvy about price. If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not true. And it can also be overpriced.

Brushing Up
This is not the day for a bad-hair day. Finding the right stylist who can work on hair and makeup can result in all the difference for that picture perfect moment. For both stylists and photographers, understanding your personalities and the kind of atmosphere which you aspire to achieve is elemental in deciding what kind of angle to take. As well, budget, availability, and guarantees are all important elements to take into consideration, so don’t be afraid to research a few different places before signing the deal.

Do the Paper Work
Making sure that wedding rings, photography, suits and dresses have the right paperwork to accompany them is crucial. Particularly important for the ring, it is preferable to have guarantees by the jeweler detailing how, when and what is covered under warranty and for how long, as well as diamond certification and valuation report, which you can find out about here. It is important to understand the distinction between these documents as well as their small print, which is required for purchasing the proper coverage. At no point should you ever consider not insuring your wedding items, as costs for repair can easily run up the expenses. It is also vital to know how to properly care for them. For instance, most rings are engineered to weather most conditions, but are still susceptible to temperature changes, moisture, and light, as well as various household chemicals.

Go With Your Gut
Though a good part of the decision-making process comes down to calculation, going with your gut is key, as well as researching what and where you rent or purchase.

Most importantly, enjoy the venture. While there is much to consider, this is a moment which you will cherish forever. Savor the fun and leave yourself lots of time to try out different ideas and the right one will come your way – and it won’t just stay in Vegas, either.

Lisa Huckel

Why You Should Always Read Your Marriage Application Carefully

To All Couples,

If you are planning to get married in Las Vegas please read the letter below of one of our couples. It is very important when you fill out your marriage application too read it carefully. If you do not understand something please ask the marriage bureau or your wedding coordinator. We are working with this couple and everything will be resolved but not every company will continue to work with you through any problems you may acquire after your wedding. We stand by our couples from beginning to end.

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your genuine concern and attention to helping us get our Marriage Certificate corrected.

I have spoken with the Marriage Bureau, who claim that, as they are not a policing agency, it is up to the to-be-weds to ensure the correct and official country of residence information is on the form. Of course, they are quite right, as we are adults, and I suggested they make the address section on the license app form clearer that it should be Permanent Residence Address and not simply a postal address (which naively we must have thought it was).

They are getting back to me with regards to how I can get the amendment processed and I will duly let you know of the progress, incase there is anything needed for your records.

Thank you again for your kind care and attention.

Jonathan & Cedar (Xuesong)

Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world and is home to a large variety of venues to choose from. With so many choices, it’s important to find the one that’s right for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask about a company’s services & policies. What is included & not included in each wedding package? Are there any hidden costs? What are their gratuities and service fees? For outdoor weddings, what is their backup plan in case of bad weather? Getting this information upfront can help you avoid getting burned in the end.

At Las Vegas Strip Weddings, we take care of the smallest details so you don’t have to. We want you to cherish the time you spend with us celebrating your special day. We are a full service company, offering you the best in hair and makeup services as well as tux & gown rental. Our photographers will provide you with quality photos that you can be proud to share with family and friends.

Decide wisely and investigate every aspect of the companies you are considering. Remember you only have one chance at the wedding you always dreamed of. Hopefully, Las Vegas Strip Weddings can be the ones who make that dream a reality.

Another Happy Couple

We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful wedding ceremony that you helped us with. Everything turned out great! Time went by so fast but Elizabeth made me (Missy) feel so comfortable and you took good care of us.
I really will recommend your services to others as well. We were very pleased with everything. Thank you as well for sending our photos.
The photographer did great! Even though we did not get the HD video, the pictures he took of us captured the most perfect moments and we will cherish them
Thank you Elizabeth for your kind words in the ceremony.
We took each and every word to heart and meant every word as we repeated them after you.
Send thank you-s to your husband! He was very kind and courteous to us.
The limo driver! Was awesome! He guided us to our destinations in the best way he could and was very courteous as well.
If we could we would do it again soon. Just to re-live that special day. When we decide to renew our vows, we will definintely call you up and see if you will be available at that time. Again, thank you so much for everything. We are very, very happy. I couldn’t have chosen a better service than Las Vegas Strip Weddings.
Missy & Patrick

Exciting News!!!

Super Stretch Limousine Weddings also known as W.O.W have become so popular that we at Las Vegas Strip Weddings put together a package. No more is the tacky chapel popular…our clientele prefers the privacy and intimacy of getting married without the crowds in the Limousine and then having photos taken at beautiful locations such as Bellagio Fountains, Venetian or Caesars Palace. These locations make for spectacular photos and memories that last a lifetime. This wedding experience is like no other…. Only in Vegas!!!

Las Vegas Strip Weddings has made a Top Ten List for couples who are coming to Las Vegas to get married in 2022.

Things that you should ask especially if you see companies that are offering a $599 package to the Valley of Fire.

10) Ask what’s excluded

9) Ask if transportation is included…if not ask how much? Than add to the $599.00

8 ) Ask if flowers are included….if not ask how much? Than add transportation and flowers to $599.00

7) Ask if Video is included …if not ask how much? than add transportation, flowers and video add to price (ask if it is high resolution quality there is a big difference).

6) Ask if gratuity is included for the Minister or is it customary to give gratuity if so….ask how much? Than add transportation, flowers, Video & Photographer, gratuity for Minister….keep adding to price.

5) Ask if Sunset Wedding is more expensive if it is ….ask how much? Than add to transportation, flowers, Video, Photography, gratuity for Minister and Sunset Wedding …keep adding to price.

4) Ask if certain days know as premium days such as Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve, etc. are extra if so…ask how much ? Than keep adding to price.

3) Ask if friends or relatives are allowed to take photos during ceremony…. ask WHY NOT!!!!

2) Ask if wedding cake and Champagne are included if not …ask how much?? You should know by now JUST KEEP ADDING TO THE PRICE!!!!!