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Dress Code for Vegas

There’s nothing short of spectacular when it comes to Vegas-style weddings, and the world’s most dazzling strip is illuminated by gorgeous brides and dashing grooms tying the eternal knot on the town, or exchanging vows at the close of sunset before blazing desert skies. It’s one of the quintessential dream weddings that revitalize old traditions with an unconventional flair and resurrects body-suit donned rock Kings. It’s also one of the most memorable and sacred moments that a devoted couple can cherish. Whether outrageously bright or beautifully solemn, choosing the right venue is key, and so is finding the right style of clothing and accessories. After all, it’s important to celebrate one of the most special occasions of your life in style!

Reflect on Style and Essence
With so many different themes to choose from, couples need to think about what kind of atmosphere they want to capture while getting wed. Some wish to celebrate their union close to nature, so choosing a simple wedding dress and suit, and adopting more natural or rustic hair styles provide that slight wild appeal. These are hugely popular, especially given that the settings – which are usually seaside, desert or forest-clearing – are not particularly expensive to host or difficult to prepare while having a breathtaking view. On the other hand, partygoers might choose something a little more risqué for their wedding extravaganza – and this is where those diamond-studded white pants come in use.

Fancy Dress
Thanks to a rapidly growing online network, buying wedding costumes is becoming increasingly easier by the day. Established companies offer excellent online catalogues and niche businesses have a venue to showcase their goods. As well, buying, selling and renting is made more accessible by individuals posting their own goods on the net. This can always be a slightly risky endeavor – it’s important to know exactly what you are buying, if it is worth the price, and how long it will become available before the special day, and logistics such as fitting the right size and proper maintenance are important to take into consideration too. Renting is particularly convenient because it reduces the cost; buying is ideal for keeping something like a wedding dress as a family heirloom.

Getting Technical
As far as the ceremony itself goes, choosing the right ring is essential and should always be researched well beforehand. Durability, aesthetic appeal, and budget are all things to take into consideration, as well as the symbolism of the band itself – is it representative of your personality and relationship? A good jeweler can always help you pick different styles, and explain the more technical aspects such as the the four C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut of the gemstone. Researching online and checking reviews is always ideal before buying, so that you can be savvy about price. If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not true. And it can also be overpriced.

Brushing Up
This is not the day for a bad-hair day. Finding the right stylist who can work on hair and makeup can result in all the difference for that picture perfect moment. For both stylists and photographers, understanding your personalities and the kind of atmosphere which you aspire to achieve is elemental in deciding what kind of angle to take. As well, budget, availability, and guarantees are all important elements to take into consideration, so don’t be afraid to research a few different places before signing the deal.

Do the Paper Work
Making sure that wedding rings, photography, suits and dresses have the right paperwork to accompany them is crucial. Particularly important for the ring, it is preferable to have guarantees by the jeweler detailing how, when and what is covered under warranty and for how long, as well as diamond certification and valuation report, which you can find out about here. It is important to understand the distinction between these documents as well as their small print, which is required for purchasing the proper coverage. At no point should you ever consider not insuring your wedding items, as costs for repair can easily run up the expenses. It is also vital to know how to properly care for them. For instance, most rings are engineered to weather most conditions, but are still susceptible to temperature changes, moisture, and light, as well as various household chemicals.

Go With Your Gut
Though a good part of the decision-making process comes down to calculation, going with your gut is key, as well as researching what and where you rent or purchase.

Most importantly, enjoy the venture. While there is much to consider, this is a moment which you will cherish forever. Savor the fun and leave yourself lots of time to try out different ideas and the right one will come your way – and it won’t just stay in Vegas, either.

Lisa Huckel